Real Hope

I know I have been slacking off in my blogging duties, posting silly yet hopefully humorous things about Smurfs and the apocalypse… but now I want to tell you where I am.

I am in the most diseased country in the world, my home, the good ol’ U.S. of A. We are so diseased, our disease spreads out to the world and becomes the norm, sort of like that old fable about the poisoned well and the sane king. We are poisoning the world’s well with well-packaged bullshit. It needs to stop, and not tomorrow. It needs to stop today.

Largely, most other nations laugh at the U.S. and its ill-perceived sense of influence in the modern world… so few ever follow a nation┬áthat has proved time and again to be a hypocrite and a fool, and who cannot even take care of its own messes let alone sort anyone else’s out. The current “America” is a laughing stock, and deservedly so. We spend 55% of our budget on a misled military, and only 3% on education and science. Our police are brutal thugs, beating and killing at whim with no repercussions, and kids get expelled from school for playing imaginary games. So I wonder:

What would I do if I had what it takes to bring about seemingly miraculous change in my beloved home country? What would I do if I had MONEY? How does a sucker drenched in student loan debt with no real modern marketable skills get “power” money? Why, PowerBall, of course! It’s what has replaced the real American Dream. What would I do if I won the PowerBall and had what essentially weighs out to (this week at least) $1 from every living American citizen?

I would buy land, of course. I would buy a nice, large house with three and a half baths, with a FROG (Furnished Room Over Garage, with its own full bath) on, say, 500 acres of land with a well. I would furnish the thing, and clear the land if it needed to be cleared. Then I would go into the closest U.S. city and start interviewing homeless vets. I would sit down next to them on the sidewalks they now inhabit, and I would talk to them. If we didn’t click, I would buy them a meal, give them some money, and bid them good luck. If I found one with whom I did click, I would lay out my plans over lunch or dinner (whatever meal I was buying), and if in agreement, that vet would be given the FROG as a home. To earn keep, that vet would vet other vets. WiFi would be provided, as would a cell phone, laptop, and TV, and I would ask that vet to find other abandoned vets who shared our vision. Said vet would be allowed a few days to acclimate to having a home again, and would be requested, when ready, to stop down to the main house to begin the labor.

The labor would be to find all of the discarded vets who were still sane and who really wanted to see the country they were told they were serving — the ones that want to see the REAL country, and not the corporate lie they were tricked into bleeding for. The formation would be such that I pick that vet, and then that vet finds two more, and those two each find two more, and so on… I need the vet, because having never served (though I tried. I was rejected for hypertension.), I have no Valor. To organize soldiers, one needs a soldier. One needs Valor.

The land around the house would be their new camp, and tents and amenities would be provided for each suitable recruit found. They would be given bathroom privileges in the house’s 4 bathrooms to shower and such when need be, on a rotation basis, but essentially, they would live in the field. They would build their bodies back up by working in the forests at the property’s edges. Our men and women that served and got kicked to the curb will be given a home — and a purpose: To rebuild the U.S.A. in the image for which they were told they were fighting. The very corporate-controlled government that tossed them aside would be brought to heel by their collective strength, and the U.S. would be returned to its original promise: To assist freedom, and to fight wars not chosen by corporate interests, but selected based on the needs of the world’s people. Diseases like ISIS and Boko Haram and the Taliban would be destroyed, not played out to serve money interests. And they would be destroyed quickly and cruelly, as they have existed.

The United States would once again be a beacon of liberty, and not the hypocritical joke it has become to everyone and anyone outside her borders. We would be the Real Thing, as we were meant to be.

All we need to do is have me win the PowerBall. Or every living American gives me $1. Just a thought.

1 thought on “Real Hope

  1. My friend has a similar dream, though she wants do have a farm where youth who have aged out of foster care can go (as opposed to vets). Even a place they can go to for holidays if they are in college, and dorms are closed but they have no families or places to stay.


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