A Quick One: Why I Respect Atheism, but Do Not Want to Be an Atheist

I have heard the atheist arguments, railing against a belief in God or souls or life-after-death. Still, I will choose to believe that there is something more, that our consciousness does carry on after the body dies. I believe it opens up whole new worlds and new realities, as we are no longer subject to the limted senses of the corporeal form. We see colors beyond the ultra-violet and the infrared, we see other quantum frequencies, and we even encounter intelligences that exist beyond this three-dimensional universe. Perhaps we are higher consciousnesses that have lost ourselves in this elaborate game, moving these bodies around like pieces on a game board.

Would I bet money on that? No. I’m not stupid. For me, entertaining such a belief makes this life more interesting. Making a game of it, I guess, playing What If? with your imagination. Your time here is limited. Why limit your imagination? Did you like watching The Smurfs when you were a child? Maybe. Would you ever have bet money that Smurfs were real? Fuck no! Because you weren’t an idiot. But you’re creating a version of reality now, you are making a movie. What kind of movie would you want to see? Some mind-blowing Kubrickian shit, or a black screen? Would you rather your journey continue on into unknown realms, or would you rather cut to black like Tony Soprano? And if there is such an afterlife, we can imagine all sorts of things, but if you’re smart, you keep it pleasant. It is only a time-honored human tradition of fantasy role-playing on a global scale that has been part of the human experience since we first became cognizant.

Place your bets

Place your bets

Sadly, we are not very evolved yet, and there are still high numbers of people taking the game too far, falling back on their violent primitive instinct to cull the population to protect resources. These people use religion as an excuse to cause violence. They are the ones that must be culled, not us. The rules of the game state implicitly:

1) Never hurt other sentient beings.
2) Never enforce your opinions or beliefs on others.

I’m not telling you you have to believe in God or a soul or any afterlife, I just think, for my purposes, it makes my life much more interesting. It implies that we are not alone, that there are other worlds and other beings — beings that could already be aware of us, trying to communicate… or perhaps we are already communicating. We are just in a sort of pupal stage, waiting to move up to the next level of play. It gives this whole “life” business a sense of suspense, even a sense of purpose… if only to make the game more interesting, the show more exciting.

Of course “God” is not some bearded guy floating around on a cloud, loving me and judging me at the same time. If there is such a consciousness, it is far beyond that simplistic little icon. God, to me, would be the conscious awareness of the universe or multi-verse as a whole, made up of the consciousnesses of all sentient beings within it. I like to think that this is why images of brain cells look a lot like the universe.


Most likely, when my body ceases to function, chemistry will occur and my brain cells will die, my view of the universe will die with me, and whatever mixture was causing this chemical hallucination we call life will break down and… end program.

Bu what if…?

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