What’s to Become of Us?

As I alluded to in the preceding post, there seems to be a growing feeling among the human herd that SOMETHING is getting ready to happen. If you look at popular culture, particularly in the United States, you will see what I have come to regard as a Doomsday mentality.

That is to say that people, however disenfranchised they are with the world and their place in it, have begun to anticipate some sort of doomsday scenario, whether it be the subtle implementation of martial law (see Jade Helm 15), the impact of an asteroid, the outbreak of some uncontrollable and fatal disease, Codex Alimentarius, the arrival of an alien race to give us all what-for, or the ever-present specter of World War III. Some even expect the whole shopping list of apocalyptic events to shower down on us like brimstone. Every scenario is supported by a network of conspiracy theorists who read into everything they see in the media and post their conclusions all over the world-wide web, rallying a collective-consciousness revolution of destruction.

Yay! No work tomorrow! Or ever again, maybe!

Yay! No work tomorrow! Or ever again, maybe!

What if, by doing this, we are playing into the hands of the evil Elite, unknowingly promoting their sinister agenda by creating a reality in which such horrors are commonplace? We, as a collective, are not only conditioning ourselves to accept a world prepped for a Zombie apocalypse, we are embracing it. Whatever horror that is thrown at us by the “Illuminati” (for lack of a more accurately comprehensive term) or fate or by our own machinations, I sometimes get the impression that many of us are actually looking forward to it. We would welcome a global outbreak of chaos if it meant that we didn’t have to keep getting up at 7:00 a.m. every day to go and do a job that we find tedious at best. Our inner-thoughts are crying out for change – ANY change, as long as it satisfies our tastes for instant gratification. It is with this in mind that I say to any “Illuminati”: GET ON WITH IT. Seriously, I have been reading these conspiracy theories and predictions for the “Apocalypse” since 1995. Since then we have seen he horrors of terrorist attacks like 9-11, and a sharp rise in military conflict around the globe, but no nuclear holocausts, no outbreak of disease on a massive scale, no zombies or aliens.

Have you seen me? Call 1-888-WHERERU

Have you seen me? Call 1-888-WHERERU

Agenda 21? Fine! I’m all for it, even if that means that I am to be culled with the rest of the “useless eaters” of the human herd. I agree, there are far too many of us on this planet, causing suffering to the environment on a massive scale. We wipe out thousands of acres of forest every day, threatening a number of species with extinction. We pollute, we abuse, we sicken, we poison, and we kill our own biosphere. We are burning our own home down. Many people think of themselves as one small individual on the planet, and what harm could they possibly do as a wee single individual? Not much, that’s true. But there are over 7 billion “wee single individuals”, and the number is growing exponentially. If we cannot control ourselves (and I think by now it is obvious that we cannot) then we need to cull the herd. We need to drastically reduce the number of humans, and the quicker the better (I hate to see any life form suffer). This is why I actually support Agenda 21. Bring it on! I mean, really, what is so bad about the Georgia Guidestones? “Be not a cancer on the earth? Leave room for nature?” How DARE they?

A guide for a better tomorrow!

A guide for a better tomorrow!

Some may say, “Well, I recycle! I don’t buy products from the massive corporations and the factory farms! I do my research, I only eat organic fruits and vegetables from local farms and I have reduced my carbon footprint!” Really? How much research do you actually do? Who has the time to delve into the inner-workings of the Green movement? Who is promoting it? If you look under the façade of most Green Revolution movements, they just select one planet-killing process over another. For a small example of this, let’s look at the question most of us are asked each week at the super market: “Paper or plastic?” Why, paper, of course! It’s biodegradable. That plastic shit never goes away! So we say “paper” and they cut down 500 acres of forest to get the paper for the 3 billion of us that are so environmentally conscious.

Death by paper or plastic?

Death by paper or plastic?

“Well, I bring my own reusable grocery bags when I go shopping!” That’s a little better. But still, how do you get to the grocery store? How many of us are walking? It’s hard to carry all that food by hand or on a bike. Driving a hybrid? Also a little better, but the oil companies have still figured out how to keep their fingers in that pie.

Look around you right now. How many of those things were produced in an environmentally-safe way? Do you know the manufacturing history of each item? Who owns the company that owns the company that made it? In short, no matter how much you try to reduce your “carbon footprint”, it makes little to no difference. There are still over 7 BILLION of us, and the way we live in our modern world simply cannot continue. You need that morning cup of coffee. You can’t live without your iPad or laptop. You need a car. You have to wash your clothes with some sort of detergent, and you have no idea what all those chemicals are printed in tiny little print on the labels and you certainly do not have the time to research them all to the extent that you would need to understand the entire manufacturing process of that one little lesser of two evils. Humans have been working to save the planet for decades now and it simply isn’t working. It is always one step up for thirty steps back.

At the risk of sounding tyrannical, yes, MANY of us need to go. And I am certainly no exception.

Many people look at the world and they wonder “How can our leaders be so corrupt?! Is it really just incompetence on their part?” That level of incompetence takes a lot of scheming and scientific planning. Why are they doing it? Are they trying to kill the planet? No. They are trying to kill YOU. The wealthiest power Eilte figured it out long ago, and everything they have done thus far and continue to do has one main goal: Reducing the human population. Look what is happening on the west coast of North America. They have run out of water. They are bombarded daily with radiation from Fukushima, Japan. And the pesticides and other various toxins in their food – in food EVERYwhere today – are working to ensure that they do not live much longer.

“Sure, I could cure your illness… but I would just be curing the symptom. YOU are the disease.”

Why do you think health care is so expensive in the U.S.? They could provide the best health care available to humans for free if they wanted to. They could preserve the lives of millions. What good would that do the ecosystem as a whole? The majority of us ARE useless eaters. We drive pollution machines, we buy and discard tons upon tons of plastic trash, and we create mountains of waste, but blame everyone else because we only set one bag of it out by the curb this week. And we think that by bringing reusable shopping bags to the store we will repair the damage we do every damn day? Why do these corporations keep cutting down forests, slashing and burning natural environs, dumping toxic waste into our water supplies, to produce crap that no one will ever even use? Because we pay them to. We are addicted to it, and we can’t stop. We have had every opportunity to stop, to just put it all down and walk away, build our own houses, grow our own food, and live our own natural lives. But we don’t even know how to do that anymore. We are useless eaters, and producers of poisons. And so the plan was hatched in secret, but it hasn’t even really been kept secret. People like David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger have publically said that they are part of a comprehensive plan to cull the herd. A big part of that will be to dismember one of the greatest offending nations: The United States.

This must be stressful for you. Why not take a nice cruise in the Pacific... oh. Right. All those soda bottles you emptied in the 90s.

This must be stressful for you. Why not take a nice cruise in the Pacific… oh. Right. All those soda bottles you emptied in the 90s.

I say to these Elite: Good for you. It is sad, but it needs to be done. Our technology has not advanced fast enough to produce real, viable solutions such as off-world colonization. We simply have too many people producing too much shit and we have no place to put it all. Killing as many of us off as possible sounds awful, and it is, but right now, when we need it, it is the only humane solution. To underscore my support for depopulation, I would like to invite the Elite – the ones in a position to actually reverse our path of planet-wide destruction – to go ahead and kill me. All I ask is that you make it quick. If my death saves one square foot of clean, habitable, and safe biosphere – a place that can help support wildlife – then I am all for it. I’ve been on this planet for 44 years. I have had a good time. I see no reason for me to stick around as I am not contributing to the cleaning up of the planet’s environment. I am just another useless eater.

I hope you use a skilled sniper to take me out. Fast, painless… I might not even know I’m dead at first! I’d much prefer that to slow starvation.

It needs to be done. Nothing else has worked. And as far as I can see, this is the only planet that supports the life I love (animals like deer, dolphins, monkeys, butterflies… you name it) It needs to be protected. It needs to be healed NOW. Not in fifty years. NOW.  I don’t foresee myself making any substantial contribution to the well-being of the ecosystem. If putting a bullet through my brain will help with that healing, then by all means take the shot.

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