Shut Up and Die: The plan for (most of) humanity.

A lot of people have a bleak outlook for the future of our little world. They see the wide-scale pollution, the endless wars, the poor educational system, the bad health care and resulting opioid crisis, the destruction of the ecosystem, the jackasses that are in power making bad decisions that will affect life as we know it in a terrible way in the very foreseeable future… all of it, combined with a mind-bending myriad of other problems, has become a tremendous cause of depression and stress in almost everyone that watches the TVs or surfs the internet. And stress is a killer.

Not to me, however. I think all of this “bad” is part of a plan for a lasting good.

I have hope for the future of humanity. I believe that the truly intelligent elite (The Eliterati) have already been taking measures to kill off the undesirables (the ones who, if left unchecked, would create a reality similar to the one depicted in the Mike Judge film Idiocracy). For years, the elite have been preparing to cull the idiot herd by poisoning their food and water, sterilizing them, and taking away both their access to good health care and their ability to fend for themselves (“dumbing them down”). One good “natural disaster” to bring all of these interlocking plots home, and it will be like that other film, The Purge. The idiots will panic and die, and the chosen Eliterati will be free to evolve along the Transhumanist route, merging with new technologies and becoming an entirely new cybernetic organism… one for whom immortality could very well be in the cards.

Bon appetit, dumb-asses!

I know right now it seems the idiots are the majority and that they sit in the highest seats of power this world has to offer, but that’s all part of the plan. The idiot leaders you see running things on the outside have been lifted into lofty positions because they are easy to manipulate. The True Eliterati tell them that they will be part of a “New World” as long as they play along and do what they’re told. They are showered with privilege and popularity, and this only feeds their fragile egos and leads them down a primrose path. Ultimately, that primrose path will lead these idiot leaders, and subsequently their idiot followers, right off a cliff. The world will recover sans stupid as a Transhumanist utopia. Who knows? Maybe even our alien progenitors will return and re-open relations. You GO, Eliterati!

You don’t REALLY think these people would be in charge of anything without a very short leash, do you?

Any straggling “survivors” of the Idiocalypse will be hunted for sport and put down humanely… most likely by Transhumanist sportspeople picking them off from above, in silent intelligent aircraft. Remember those “Terminators” you saw in that other movie series? Kind of like that, except they will be us — the cybernetic Transhumanist next-step-in-human-evolution. Imagine it — the PhD-wielding TED Talks crowd hefting never-miss smart-rifles and taking aim at the MAGA-hatted heads of fans of NASCAR and “The Bachelor.” How exciting for you!

Let’s be honest… most of them won’t make it that far.

For now, let’s the rest of us do our part and die off, m-kay? I, too, am slated to be among the idiots, and I expect to die off accordingly. However, I have an inside track on reincarnation, so I won’t be gone long  (<– winkie emoji). I can’t wait to be born into an Eliterati line… somewhere in Northwestern Europe perhaps, since the continental US may very well be an unlivable hell hole for some time after the “cleansing.” No worries. Fill my new-born and beautiful body up with nanobots to keep my cells regenerating and flip the “permalife” switch when I turn the ripe old age of 23! It’s all happening in the next 50 years. What a time to be alive! Circle of life, wheel in the sky and all that.


Here we go!

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