Did The Denver Airport Predict Trump’s America?

Let’s revisit an old conspiracy theory from the 1990s: the terrifying mural at the Denver International Airport. Back in the day, it caused quite a stir. EVERYTHING at the then-newly-constructed airport had caused quite a stir. Looking back at the images now, in today’s American climate, is a little unnerving.

The Denver International Airport was built from 1989 to 1993, and was scheduled to open on October 29, 1993. However, a series of mishaps caused the opening to be delayed until May 5, 1994. Even after it opened, it continued to be plagued by mishaps. Many superstitious people claimed that this was because the airport offended Native American spirits by resembling a Native village of teepee-like structures. Rumors that it had been built on Native American burial grounds only fueled these superstitions.


Denver International Airport (photo by flydenver.com)

Rumors about the airport grew with the internet, and soon images began to appear that raised more questions than they answered. First off, when you enter the airport parking lot, you are greeted by a gigantic blue mustang with glowing red eyes. The 32-foot sculpture has been nicknamed “Blucifer” because it looks downright demonic. In fact, the artist that created it, Luis Jiménez, was killed when a section of the 9,000-lb. structure fell on him and severed an artery in his leg.


Blucifer (image from slate.com)

Things in the landscaping department got even weirder in 2010 when, for some reason, the Denver International Airport (DIA) decided to add a 26-foot-tall, 7-ton statue of the Egyptian god Anubis to join the big blue horse-demon.


Anubis, Egyptian god of the dead and funerals. PERFECT for an airport!

The weirdness did not stop there, of course. The interior gallery of the airport also features gargoyles popping out of suitcases, strange tiles with odd slogans embedded in the floors, and a large capstone marked with a Masonic symbol and attributed to the “New World Airport Commission,” which doesn’t exist. Many other observers claim that the runways of the airport are laid out in a swastika-like pattern… but couldn’t that just be efficient groundwork?

There are countless websites and articles online that go into great detail about the weirdness of the DIA, but what struck me were the similarities between images seen at the DIA and what I was seeing as I looked through my newsfeed today. The news is full of stories about the unrest back in my homeland of the United States. Native Americans being denied their right to vote in states like North Dakota. A rabid anti-immigration frenzy as our president says he will remove the 14th Amendment from the Constitution and direct the military to shoot immigrants coming across the border. Children taken from their mothers and put in prison camps. A mass shooting in a synagogue in my hometown of Pittsburgh — a synagogue I walked past nearly every day when I lived in Squirrel Hill. (Lovely and kind people in that community, and my heart goes out to them.)  One could say that the United States has not been this volatile since 1861 as these hatreds run deep and are sharply politicized. Articles that claim this will all lead to a new Civil War are spreading like wildfire online.

It all comes down to the idiot-in-chief, Donald Trump. Now I know a lot of people think that Trump is actually a genius… but come on. We’ve all read his Tweets. At the very least, he is a dupe being used by the real (evil) geniuses to act as a sort of bull-in-the-china-shop to shred the United States from within. But before I go off on a soap-box rant, just consider the divides that have become so prevalent in the United States under Trump’s reign, and Trump’s stated love of dictators and military parades. Odd for a man that actively avoided enlistment in the military… “bone spurs,” was it? All the while he denounces a free press, calling them the “enemy of the people” and adding new expressions to the lexicon, like “fake news” and “alternative facts.”

It is, however, not the con man in the White House that scares me, but the people he is inspiring. Racism is back in the USA. It never really went away despite the promising years following the Civil Rights and the American Indian Movements. Now, however, under Trump’s bombastic blatherings and baffling unwillingness to denounce white supremacy and Nazis, racism is flourishing. The assholes are off the chain, barking, biting, and frothing at the mouth all over the country.

It is this climate that reminded me of the murals that once adorned the Great Hall of the Denver International Airport. I have read that they have since been painted over. Perhaps they felt the scenes depicted were going to become too real? Did someone say, “No, the airport is pushing it, but these images are too obvious” and paint over them? All the other crazy shit is still there, including rumors of a secret bunker beneath the airport meant to house the New World Order government or the Illuminati.

Although the murals may be gone, images of them can easily be found online. Here are some of the more striking images. What do you think?


A menacing figure with an AR-15-like rifle stabs the Dove of Peace with a sword as a ‘caravan'(?) of people with dead children weeps (Obviously, I added the “Trump?”)


Three young girls — representing Black, Native, and Jewish women — lie dead in caskets as a forest burns behind them. Dead and stuffed animals adorn the scenery.

Finally, a ray of hope?


The world seems vibrant again with all peoples coming together to celebrate the dead (Trump?) figure, finally fallen and shit on by birds.

Things look bad in America right now. Very bad. Right now, it is only a week before the mid-term elections, but I fear that the Republicans will maintain their stranglehold on the government of the USA after the mid-terms, and this racist wave will grow to even more violence. Why? Because I think this is supposed to happen. I don’t like it. I don’t like what they are doing, what The United States of America is becoming — has already become. And the vitriol pouring out of the GOP and their propaganda machine at Fox News is inciting all kinds of violence that many of these racist, xenophobic, antisemitic, nationalistic assholes will see as vindicated come November 7. After that… I fear this is going to get a lot worse before it  gets better.

Although I may come off as sounding very one-sided in the political sense with this article, I should add that Hillary Clinton and her particular brand of Democrat would have been just as bad, if not worse. It is the basic strategy of divide-and-conquer that is being used on us, and those rabid Republicans and demonic Democrats are just two puppets on the hands of the same beast. Both offer only their own brand of ugliness for us, The People. At the core, their plan for the US and the world is the same.

Yet there is still a middle path, even if we tend to lose sight of it in the glow of these embers of hatred, stirred by the media and by the extremists on both sides. Although there are horrible images being waved in front of us now, there is still that final image of hope at the end… isn’t there?

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