The Politics of Shadow-Puppetry

Alright, one final piece on American politics, and then I am going to liberate myself and go back to writing silliness that will hopefully make a few people smile and improve someone’s otherwise dreary day just a bit.

I have really got to stop talking about politics. I am tired of looking at Facebook or Twitter and ending up in a bad mood because of it. Why cry over spilt milk? Oh, “spilt” isn’t even a word anymore as we’re dumbing down language Orwellian-style, so now it’s “spilled milk,” but nonetheless…

In the USA, the political game is all just shadow-puppet theater cast against the solid brick wall of the corporate dictatorship, distracting the masses from the real horror. Donald Trump is doing exactly what The Powers That Be have set him up to do — wrecking everything — and the Democrats are huffing and puffing all over the media, social and otherwise, and basically doing what all of us are doing: NOTHING! It’s a play-fight. It’s divide and conquer, destroy America, and divide up the spoils and slaves. It’s not Democrats v. Republicans, Liberals v. Conservatives, The Avengers v. The Nazis… it’s what it’s always been: The WEALTHY raping, pillaging, and enslaving the not-so-wealthy.


Donald Trump is indeed the bull released in the china shop, with the sole purpose being to smash like the stupid, orange Hulk he is. But he is not the real reason for America’s current sad state. He’s barely even conscious of his role in anything, an idiot man-baby who is puzzled by simple spelling, to whom the delicate balance of global politics is an unfathomable, incomprehensible bugaboo. Trump is just the final catalyst. The real destruction of America began long ago, and let me tell you one thing for sure: Both “sides” have been in on it. The game is Divide & Conquer, and America, you have already lost.

Look at the immigration “crisis.” There is no crisis but that which is manufactured as sport for the media. America spent billions of dollars in the 1980s and 90s destabilizing countries in Central and South America, and then when their systems collapsed and the streets were overrun with criminals, rape-gangs and general thuggery, good people had to flee. They hope to flee to the United States, which has always billed itself as a haven of freedom and hope. Then, when they get here after a long and dangerous journey, we strip their children from them, lock them in prison camps with deplorable conditions, unsanitary, inhumane, where many children report being raped and beaten, and literally thousands are just “lost” , ie. sold into the sex trafficking game.The new Epstein case, which the media is now trying to sweep quietly under the rug, is just the tip of the iceberg. Yes, there IS an elitist child sex-slave trade in all major industries, and they are trying to protect their masters. They wanted to tie it to Trump to increase the liberal outrage, but people were realizing it is much easier to tie it to the Clintons, so they had to bury that story. Trump is no innocent in it, though.

The “crisis” is manufactured, but the cruelty is real. That’s how you get the best public response.

We have sick scumbags like Rand Paul refusing even the most basic human dignity — the right to life — to the only heroes we have left in our country — the First Responders, Workers, and Victims of the September 11th Attacks — the very event that sent America spiraling down this horror show of a rabbit hole to begin with. And as outrage on both sides grows, the fever of impending chaos only rises. Sure, they will take away a woman’s right to choose what happens with her own body in order to protect a lump of cells they claim is already imbued with human rights, but they will refuse those same rights to already living, breathing, thinking, feeling individuals whose only crime was rushing in to help when terror struck. And, to be perfectly honest, I am still unconvinced by the whole official story of who exactly orchestrated that terror.

And, by the way, the entire state of Kentucky can go fornicate itself with an iron stick for foisting cretins like Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul on our entire Federal Government. I don’t care what you yahoos do in your own horse-humping state, but when you inflict your ass-hats on the rest of the nation, you need to be stripped of your voice in Congress. It is just too bad that Kentucky is land-locked, because I would like to see it fall into the sea.


Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, whom the mainstream media tout as the heroes in a fight against the conspiracy-theory crazed, racist Republicans, are Punch-and-Judying it up for the cameras. Shadow-puppet theatrics to be sure, distracting the masses from the real horror that is being constructed to take the place of everything Donald Trump’s idiot antics are tearing down. And when new blood gets into Congress, like the so-called “Squad” of progressive congresswomen, the entrenched crisis-acting, role-playing corporate puppet politicians like Pelosi have to try to get them to shut up and play the game.

The Supreme Court has made gerrymandering legal so politicians can now hand-pick the people they will allow to vote for them, free speech and freedom of expression are all but memories now, and Citizens United has long ago given more rights to corporations, who are now apparently the new “People” in “We, the People.” The former “People” are now corporate assets. And that’s just the tip of that iceberg.

And by the way, the entire Supreme Court can go give itself a cranial colonoscopy, too, because what the hell are they thinking? I like and respect Ruth Bader Ginsberg, but I have to be non-partisan here, so yes, she, too, can join in the head-first butt-spelunking beneath their collective robes.

The evangelical “Christian” right-wing nut jobs have anointed their orange idiot-savior and have become a cult that will not consider that they may have been misled no matter what that bloated buffoon says or does next. I believe this is what they call the “False Prophet Play,” when the fools prostate themselves before a false, orange (bronze?) god, setting themselves up for some serious smiting should the REAL King of Kings return.


They have their “Q Anon” mystery hero dropping cryptic “breadcrumbs” like a rabbit drops turds on a dew-dappled lawn, convinced that everything that is not Trump-approved is demonic. Meanwhile, the elite on both sides are stealing and raping children. And here’s the big secret: IT’S ALL THE SAME SIDE. It’s THEM against YOU. The super-wealthy are carving up the landscape and its people as corporate properties, destroying the environment while they pretend to fight over it with misleading studies and false debates. They are pretending to attack each other as they collectively attack the Bill of Rights. As they pretend to fight over the freedoms Americans have taken for granted, it is only those freedoms that are suffering the effects of any real change. And to keep us from noticing, they throw this shit at us like they would throw raw meat to starving dogs, and we tear it up while gnashing our teeth at each other and ripping out each other’s throats. And they keep producing more stupid people with their anti-Education system, now headed by the very wealthy and uneducated Betsy Devos, because well, DUH — stupid people are just so much easier to control.

Somewhere, in some darkened, horror-strewn room of human skulls and disemboweled babies, the Elite of the Elite, your Clintons and your Soros and your Hitler’s Clones and your demons are all sitting back, watching this shit shadow-show, wringing their hands and saying, “Good! Goooooooood!”

All of this bullshit they have us fighting over is just the same old divide-and-conquer game we’ve always fallen for. Of course the outrages are real, but they are only outrageous because it is time for the final solution, and they need us all at each other’s throats. Order out of Chaos. They need chaos so that they can unveil the New Order. The people on your TV yelling at each other are only play-acting. They are pals. YOU are the targeted enemy.

Do you know how to brainwash people? There are three key elements: Keep them malnourished, sleep-deprived, and stressed. Look at American culture and the GMO, pesticide-laden shit you eat because you’re in such a fuckin’ hurry. Take away the ability of critical thinking with our new meducation system, and you’ve got yourself a genu-ine bona-fide zombie slave race. And wait til they get that 5G buzzing over your heads! Your internet will be able to pelt you with more confusing shit at speeds and volume you’ve never experienced — but your brain won’t be able to function through all of the interference. That’s OK, though — the flickering screen will tell you what to think.


Spoiler — They BOTH are!

Before I end this rant, let me give a brief history lesson. In 1933, all the wealthy businessmen of the United States — J.P. Morgan and his ilk, the same ones that brought in the Federal Reserve — tried to create a fascist veteran’s organization to stage a coup-de-tat and overthrow the U.S. government, then headed by Franklin D. Roosevelt. They wanted a corporate dictatorship even then. They even had their own puppet dictator in mind: Retired Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler. Unfortunately for these plotters, Smedley was a hero, and he ratted them all out like a true American patriot should. Unfortunately for us, the federal government, even then, deemed these men “too big to prosecute,” and so they were all let go with nary a slap on the wrist.

Did that end it? Of course not! They learned their lesson, and they went even more covert. They worked behind the scenes like the treasonous, treacherous snakes they are, only popping into public view long enough to blow John F. Kennedy’s head apart. Then, to really drive home their message, they also killed his younger brother, Bobby, who had vowed revenge. The killing of the Kennedys is sometimes referred to as “The Silent Coup,” and ever since then, presidents and politicians in the U.S. only rose to power by toeing the line. They took over the media to kill the “free and independent press,” and replaced it all with opinions — opinions they manipulated with non-issues meant only to get the public fired up and angry, and to slowly divide and conquer the citizenry. Meanwhile, all of the REAL activities — rewriting the laws, stripping the Constitution, killing the Bill of Rights, making sure the Supreme Court had their heads inserted firmly betwixt their collective buttocks — ALL of it proceeded according to a single plan.

Now ask yourself why you were never told about the Business Plot in school. Think I’m a “conspiracy nut”? Look at history. Conspiracies have always been at every major turn in the course of human events. Think I’m making this all up? Go do some research, look into it yourself. The evidence is there, waiting for you. They don’t even bother to hide it, that’s how firmly they have a hold of the controls. They just used their Orwellian language skills to equate the word “conspiracy” with “bullshit,” and everyone swallowed the new definition. Look at the big picture of where the United States of America has been steadily sliding for the past fifty years. It’s not what your television and media have been telling you it is.


It is much, much worse, and it is, at this point, unstoppable. They have a militarized, zombified, bloodthirsty police force that has proven time and again to be prone to violence. They already control every aspect of your lives.

One should not bring up a problem without trying to offer a solution, and so here is the only solution I know of: First, the entire collective populace must get together and actually AGREE on the fact that their whole system of government and everyone involved in it is corrupt as hell. Then, they must work together to gut the entire government, dig it out and destroy it root and stem. Burn the bureaucracy. Stop funding the machine and build a new one, maybe out in Idaho someplace. Boise is nice. However, this will be no small endeavor, no easy struggle, and I am damned sure America is too busy watching “The Bachelor” or some other idiotic distraction to get that involved. So…

It was fun while it lasted, America! I’m out. In the end, it wasn’t Trump, it wasn’t Obama, it wasn’t the Democrats or the Republicans or the Communists or even Satan himself that killed America. It was that old hobgoblin of human endeavor, APATHY. The U.S. is the Titanic, and it has hit the iceberg of apathy. It will soon sink, but the people on board still think it won’t, and are heatedly debating whose fault it was that there were icebergs to begin with. Meanwhile, I am already in a lifeboat, drifting away from the undertow that will eventually suck down everyone I know back home. I will watch you sink, America, and I will raise a glass and shed a tear, and then I will apply for refugee status — because most humane countries provide safe haven for refugees. Not you fuckers, though.

I will not waste my breath, my health, or my sanity on that shit shadow-puppet show any longer. A person could write volumes on the insurmountable and overwhelming evidence of this truth — hell, I have! And it doesn’t do a damned bit of good.

I’m gonna go watch cartoons.



A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.

– Jean de la Fontaine 



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