On the Death of Jeffrey Epstein

As you should already be aware, noted American financier, buddy to the wealthy elite, and renowned child-molesting pedophile Jeffrey Epstein “died by suicide” in his prison cell over the weekend. …

The Creature known as Epstein was in prison for trafficking under-aged girls and forcing them into sexual acts with members of his elite circle of friends, with evidence implicating the likes of Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and a host of other powerful people.

It was the second time Epstein had been arrested for sex trafficking and child-molesting. His first conviction was in 2008, when he was busted in Florida for running an under-age prostitution ring for his elite buddies. He cut a shady plea deal, barely served any real jail time at all, and was released with a slap on the wrist and a little “don’t-let-us-catch-you-again-wink-wink” by then-U.S.-prosecutor Alex Acosta. Mr. Acosta is now, of course, Donald Trump’s Secretary of Labor.

They did catch the sleaze that was Epstein again, up to turning his old tricks, and this time there would be some serious investigations. And this time, some very powerful people would be publicly named. And this time, the Ooze Epstein would need to be silenced.

He “attempted suicide” around July 26, 2019, but managed to survive with injuries. He was placed on a suicide watch, but that watch was no longer in effect at the time of his successful death on August 10, just 2 weeks later. The video camera in his cell was also conveniently not in effect at the time of his death.

Call me paranoid, but something tells me that the Thing that Passed As Human Jeff Epstein was murdered. A lot of powerful people — some of whom have a history of leaving mysterious “suicides” in their wake — benefited from his untimely death.

I doubt there is any person out there, capable of critical thinking skills, who doesn’t see the timing of Epstein’s demise as HIGHLY convenient for some very powerful people. And it is certainly VERY suspicious — so suspicious in fact that many commentators are saying things like, “They’re not even trying to hide it anymore!”

I am one of those people. And so here is my rant.

I cannot believe I have to keep saying this, but “conspiracy” is not synonymous with “crazy bullshit.” Conspiracies happen. Conspiracies can be found at almost every major turning point in human history. Don’t buy the Orwellian double-speak they force down your throat with their media machine. “If it were true, it would be reported in the mainstream media” is the sign of a lazy mind, or a mind that just can’t handle the truth. Sure, there are a lot of loonie conspiracies out there, serving as disinformation to discredit the logical. Do your own research, look at the evidence, the history… your TV is no oracle of truth. Sad, how we forget history. I think we as a society have passed the point of no return. “They” are in absolute control now, and the “official story” is just there as a bedtime tale to help the docile sleep at night. No one capable of critical thinking really believes the elite’s media bullshit anymore.

As more and more stories of an elite pedophile ring come to light, and more and more suspicious shit like this happens, eventually you have to stop doubting the information and start doubting the ones denying it.

Reports from Hollywood of powerful studio executives molesting child actors. The countless number of reports of child rape in the Catholic Church. Story after story of top corporate power-brokers and politicians being caught with their pants down in the presence of underage victims. Is it so unlikely that they are all connected? And I will even go out on the Forbidden Limb here and say yes, I DO think there is something to that “PizzaGate” story. Why the Hell would anyone say something like, “Bonnie will be Uber service to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they will be in that pool for sure”? Whose children are those?


And how the Hell does this message make any sense, unless you look at all the other mentions of “pizza,” “cheese pizza,” and “hot dogs” that seem to randomly pop up with no discernible context in so many other messages?

Hi John,

The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related. Is it yorus[sic]? They can send it if you want. I know you’re busy, so feel free not to respond if it’s not yours or you don’t want it.


If it’s not a code, then what the Hell is it? Eventually you have to say, “Hold on a second. We need to get this sorted.” Either way, the news outlets that claim to have “thoroughly debunked” this theory need to SHOW THEIR WORK. How, exactly, did you debunk it? What is the actual meaning or intent of these cryptic communiques?  I really would love to have my mind put at ease with something a bit more convincing than, “We looked into it. It’s nothing.”

I realize I could be totally wrong here, but I still have an uneasy feeling about this whole thing because I have looked at the evidence from both sides, and the debunkers come up lacking. I still can’t walk away thinking, “Well, all that looks just fine. Nothing to see there!” We must be ever-vigilant when such evil is even suggested. Otherwise, we fail the most innocent among us in terrible fashion. We must continue to pursue the truth, and root out such lowly evils, no matter how well they hide, no matter how we may be ridiculed by those who would rather just leave well enough alone.

As I have said before, I know the “QAnon” Qooks cling to this theory above all else, and I do not fall in with the Qs. I have watched countless videos of the so-called “bakers” and “crumb-gatherers” and they talk and talk and talk on average for 45 minutes at a time — and they say nothing. They do nothing but ramble and make random guesses as to what their bullshit crumbs mean. They’re too politicized and pseudo-religiously motivated. They’re more like a cult. They can’t be convinced otherwise.

I would LOVE to be convinced that there is no rampant sexual abuse of children in the upper echelons of our society.

As I have said before, conspiracies exist. Corruption exists. And evil exists. And it is not a political thing. It is a wealth-and-privilege thing. Keep in mind, the literal meaning of ‘privilege’ is “private law.” These are the people who hold themselves above the common law of humanity because they believe themselves superior, either by bloodline or bank account or just overall bravado. And they protect themselves by only putting their servants in positions that could keep them in check. That’s why I am not going to say, “Yes, I believe Pizzagate is real!” but I will say, “Hold up, this is just so horrible that we can’t risk avoiding a thorough and open investigation.”

I don’t want to prosecute right away. I just want answers. Maybe these people ARE innocent of such horrible crimes. But then, I look at things like the weird language in those emails, and I look at John Podesta’s weird-ass art collection, and I can’t help but think, “but what if?” There is also this terrifying and beyond disturbing video that allegedly records Podesta abusing one of his victims. I will link to the video, but “allegedly” is a strong word, and this video is sickening, so click at your own discretion. If there is any chance at all — even a million-to-one shot — that such horrors are taking place, we owe it to ourselves as compassionate beings to thoroughly investigate it, no matter how ugly.

Are these people guilty? I hope to God they are not. I would be much happier to know that they are just power-hungry and yeah, maybe they are corrupt, and maybe they take a bribe here and there or spy on their political opponents. Maybe they are less than moral, okay. But if anyone is guilty of crimes as dark and evil as this, they need to be exposed.

I want to say it’s all “fake news” and foolishness. Yet in light of all that we have seen in the mainstream media in recent weeks — especially Epstein’s Pedophile Island lifestyle and strange yet predictable death — shouldn’t we be willing to get our hands a little dirty digging for the truth, especially if the truth could save countless children from a fate worse than death?

Are you sure we should just say, “Oh, that’s crazy!” and go about our day as if we didn’t see this? Isn’t that how the Holocaust happened? I am honestly asking. Am I just another paranoid kook, albeit a bipartisan one?


Some examples of John Podesta’s personal art collection. If your dentist had these on his wall, would you still take your children to see him?

In closing, I want to say that no one should ever jump to conclusions, and no one should ever take the law into their own hands. However, the law and the officials we have in place to uphold it should look into these matters with a freakin’ microscope and tweezers. Don’t just gloss over it, no matter how absurd it appears, and say, “We asked them, they said they don’t have a basement. Case closed.” Get in there. Provide hard evidence that this is nonsense, because I have a hard time making sense of it. I guess I’m just that stupid.

I will leave it at that. As I am fond of saying, “Tinfoil hats don’t stop bullets.”


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