Q-ANON, Whither Art Thou?

I want to change the title of this blog to “The Crappiest Blog Ever.” Anyone know how to do that? But aside from that, let’s talk about the Q-Anon conspiracy people…

For those of you ‘in the know,’ Q is a mysterious person (or group of people) that started posting to 4-Chan soon after Trump took office. Q claims to have top-level security clearance somewhere in the federal government (the Department of Energy is the only one that uses a Q-level clearance). Q claims that Donald Trump has been organizing a secret war to take down the Satanic Democrat Pedophile Deep-State led by the nefarious super-criminals Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Oprah Winfrey.

I love a good conspiracy theory, so I jumped on this story the minute I saw it pop up on the interwebs. After much investigating, I learned that Q and his Qohorts are just rehashing old conspiracy theories that have been around since the dawn of the internet. Theories put forward as early as 1992 by such investigative writers as David Icke, Jim Marrs, William Bramley, et. al. They take various narratives, from the assassination of the Kennedys and the moon landing to the deep underground military bases (DUMBS, as they are called) and mash them all together in the meatball conspiracy of Satanic Baby-Eating Lizard People.

Now before I start making sense, let me just say that I have researched the academically-recognized subject of Conspiracy Theory for nearly two decades now. I even did my Master’s thesis on this topic, and it was very well-received, thank you. And I must say that many of these conspiracy theories offer enough evidence to make me think they deserve a more thorough investigation. One exception would be the Moon Landing Hoax. We’ve all seen the crap that humans have left on the moon.

I do believe Oswald was a patsy. I do believe there is a high-level elitist pedophile ring abusing children in religion, entertainment, and government. I even think PizzaGate deserves a more serious investigation. (Yes, that pizza place, Comet Ping-Pong,*DID* and DOES have a basement. And the guy that runs it is a major creep. And they did use a lot of pedophile symbology that is recognized by the FBI.) Call it crazy and “debunked” (by who?), but if there is the SLIGHTEST chance a child could have been molested, it MUST be thoroughly investigated — every lead, no matter how loony, followed.

I hate the Orwellian idea pushed in the media that the phrase “conspiracy theory” should be equated with “bullshit.” They are theories, and some are just as valid as any other historical, mathematical, or scientific theories, especially when they have a lot of credible, supportive evidence. You can read more about my feelings on this topic all over this blog. Start here, at my review of Dan Brown’s novel, Origin.

Having said that, let me get back to the Q-Anon people. These people are idiots. Right-wing, short-sighted, religion-warped, self-indulgent idiots. Here are a few main points:

  • Anyone who uses the tag Q gets their attention.
  • Q posts in bizarre gibberish, using possibly made-up acronyms and numbers that are so random, an obsessive person could find a way to connect them to almost anything. Similar to Nostradamus and his so-called “predictions:” Make it bizarre and random enough, and anything could be bent to fit it.
  • The Q acolytes interpret these “droppings,” or “crumbs” as they call them, and once they all agree on an interpretation, they build on that. The problem is, they rarely agree on an interpretation, and Q never clarifies the meaning.

Currently, Q is believed by most to be John F. Kennedy, Jr., who faked his death (obviously) and went rogue, propping up Donald Trump as his proxy to take the U.S. Presidency. And now that he has (almost 4 years ago), they’re going to take back control of the gub’mint and take down the Deep State.

DiajBpLV4AA-FWy.jpg large

See the big ‘Q’? It’s aaaallllll coming together now, isn’t it?

Every day, they post new videos on YouTube, deciphering the Q gibberish posted by their fellow Q-Idiots, and they say, “Any day now! The Great Awakening! The Storm! Any day now!” and they interpret any news story as hard evidence that their fantasy is real.

And we wait. “Any day now!” They’re gonna lock her up. “Any day now!” John Podesta will get arrested for the rape and murder of countless children, including Madeleine McCann.  “Any day now!” there will be massive arrests of powerful elites in pedophile clubs. Any day now.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Do I think there are evil people in powerful places? Absolutely. I have no love for the elites. I am the guy that penned the hashtag #EatTheElites.

But is Donald Trump a 5th-level chess-playing genius who is working the system like a master strategist?  Come on. Seriously? All you have to do is wait for him to speak and anyone can see that this just isn’t the case. The man is a self-absorbed egomaniacal idiot who couldn’t READ a newspaper let alone extrapolate an elaborate scheme coded within its pages.

I have one or two friends on social media who have been taken in by this Q narrative. It is a good narrative, and that’s how it hooks otherwise intelligent people. But the narrative it is using is only good insofar as the conspiracy theories it is based on have stood the test of time. Keep in mind, these are conspiracy theories that Q has hijacked, not any new mind-blowing revelations that only someone with Q-Level clearance could get a hold of. Any dimwit with internet access could find all of this information with a simple Google search. There’s tons of it out there.

When Q takes over the narrative and starts adding [their] own story line, well, shit just goes off the rails and it is obviously idiotic. And now they have hit a wall.

In recent excited posts, stirred up by the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Q-Idiots now say that it’s all going down over Easter Weekend. This year. Because it might be (God willing!) Trump’s last year in office. So they’d better start producing results, right? So here’s how it’s going down: COVID-19, a Deep State Evil Scheme, has backfired and set the stage. The U.S. Navy hospital ships docked in New York and Los Angeles are not taking COVID-19 patients because they are actually to be used as prison ships for all of the Deep State goons that get swept up in the take-down (except, admittedly by accident, these ships have already taken on COVID-19 patients). Sometime in the next few days, the internet and cell phone service will go down in the U.S.



On Good Friday (April 10, 2020) Trump will Tweet the go-signal, which will be this message, verbatim: “My fellow Americans. The Storm is upon us. God bless.” Then, the U.S. military, now completely controlled by Q and Trump, will storm the Clinton’s home, Obama’s home, John Podesta’s home, Oprah’s home, and all of the underground tunnels and bases where the children are being held in cages. (Funny that, right? I’d heard the children were held in cages by Trump and Stephen Miller all over the American southwest, but whatever. Fake news, right?)

During this time, a pre-produced news story about The Truth will be broadcast on a loop on every TV station across the U.S. John Podesta’s arrest will go public on Easter Sunday, and soon after Q will reveal themselves (Is it Trump? Is it JFK Jr.? Is it Bruce Wayne?).


Q’s so-called “plan.” Easter weekend, 2020. So… let’s see Trump take down the Deep State, already. Put up or shut up.

Well, alright, Q. Time to put up or SHUT UP. Let’s watch what unfolds this weekend. This is it. You’ve been spreading your “truth” for nigh on three years now, dividing the country, breaking up families, and wreaking havoc on the U.S. political system. This weekend, we’d better see the shit finally go down, or YOU NEED TO SHUT THE FUCK UP.

The Q-Anon-Idiots have a motto, which is this: WWG1WGA, which means “Where We Go One, We Go All.” I would strongly recommend changing this to WHWNH? What Happens When Nothing Happens?

Are there evil people in power? Yes. Are there thousands if not millions of children being raped, abused, and murdered? YES. A shocking number go missing every damn day. But Q’s kind of bullshit does nothing except muddy the waters and make inaction an option by telling the world, “A secret organization of White Hats is taking care of it!” PLEASE SHUT UP, Q.

Thanks for your time. Stay safe!

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