The Kibosh: Chapter 7

Ten minutes later, Bethany was in the shower with all the enticing nozzles she had seen earlier. The hot water felt great. In the bag of assorted toiletries, she had found a ladies’ safety razor, lotion, scented soaps, travel-sized shampoo and conditioner, and a box of pads and tampons. That last item had given her a chuckle. Adriel, for all of his kindness, really did try his best.

He had told her to take as long as she needed, and once alone in the bedroom she had thought about locking the door but didn’t. And he, for his part, left her undisturbed to enjoy her shower. A nice, long, hot, relaxing, private shower, something she had been dreaming about for weeks. She was still paranoid enough to give the bathroom a quick once-over to check for anything that could be a camera, but there was only the vent in the ceiling. She had stuffed toilet paper into it as a precaution, but somehow knew that this wasn’t necessary. Twenty glorious minutes later, she was toweling off, applying lotion, and putting on brand-new underwear before wrapping herself in the robe hanging on the bathroom door. As she put on the robe, she noticed it, too, had a tag from H&M on it. Brand new, and her size. She wrapped a towel around her neck to dry her hair and walked back out into the living room. Adriel was reading his book.

“You knew I would be coming here,” she said sharply. He didn’t look up.

“The robe was a give-away, eh?” he said.

“Just happened to have a brand-new robe, in my size, a new toothbrush in the bathroom…” her defenses were up, and an image of a tooth flashed across her mind, but not of a human tooth. This one was sharp, vicious, wounding.

Adriel broke into her thoughts. “I wasn’t sure what you would need when you first woke up, but I know what I usually look for in that situation. What do you know about troodons?”

“Troodons?” she asked, “I don’t… hey, why am I here? Were you just planning to bring home a woman, or…”

Now he looked up from the book he was reading.

“I was planning to bring home you,” he said simply. “You, specifically.”

She stared at him. “Why?”

He closed the book and set it down on the arm of his chair. Then he gestured to the sofa across from him. “Please.” She sat, holding the robe at her throat. He sighed at her defensive posture but understood it.

“As I have said, I have no wish to harm you or force you to do anything you don’t want to do. But we do have a lot to discuss, and not much time in which to discuss it.” She was relaxing a little. Her hand moved from the robe to the towel around her shoulders, and she started using an end of it to dry under the waves of damp hair that cascaded around her face, her eyes still watchfully focused on him.

“Do you remember the last thing I said to you before we left the diner in the Uber?” he asked.

She thought about it. “Something about Hell,” she said. “That Hell is a frequency.”

“Everything is a frequency,” Adriel said. “Everything of this reality and every other reality is made up of particles, and particles all vibrate at a certain frequency. You could consider this as a sort of fifth dimension.”

“You said I was helping Hell take over!” she remembered. He lit up.

“Yes! Very good! You have a sharp recollection.”

“But why would you say that?” she asked indignantly.

“Because it’s true,” he replied. “I don’t think you are doing it intentionally, but emotion is energy, energy is a frequency, it affects other frequencies, energy is matter… in short, your attitude creates its own reality. The energy you create affects the world in subtle ways.”

She wrapped the towel around the back of her head and rubbed, lowering her head so that her hair hung over her face. “Now you sound like my mother.”

“Your mother’s not entirely wrong,” he said, but when she snapped her head back up and shot him a look, he quickly followed, “Although I doubt she realized the true meaning of those words. If she was saying that your predicament is entirely your fault, she’s wrong about that.”

Bethany’s gaze cooled and she went back to drying her hair. “So how am I helping Hell take over?”

“It’s not just you, it’s the collective consciousness of this world. You are contributing to it, as is everyone else. Unfortunately. As your world has become more in tune with its information, and nearly every mind at work here has become more connected to the others via modern communications…”

“Damn internet!” Bethany joked.

“Yes, that, television, satellites… all of this artificial contact has energized your latent telepathic abilities.”

“Humans are telepathic?” she asked, but then caught herself, “Oh yeah, you were saying something about that, too. You can read minds?”

“Not exactly,” he said, “but you can tune into certain frequencies given certain facial cues, body language… various tells. There is a certain… like-mindedness. There is a kind of connection between people, especially people who are close to one another. Same family, close friends… an emotional connection.”

“And emotion is energy.”


Bethany pulled her hair back, put the towel around her neck, and let her hair fall down over it. “I don’t follow,” she said.

Adriel sighed, and looked at the laptop that was sitting on a desk by the window. He went over and retrieved it.

“In this world, you have some brilliant people who have already picked up on this. Have you heard of the Princeton EGG?”

“I’ve heard of Princeton,” she said. “I was unaware that they’d laid an egg.”

“It’s the Global Consciousness Project,” he said, typing at the laptop and then handing it to her. “They placed random number generators at various points, population centers, around the globe, and realized that at times of major events – emotional moments shared by large numbers of the global population – the numbers stop being random. The bigger the event, the more synchronized the generators become.”

She took the laptop and looked at the screen. It showed a world map with the locations of the random number generators indicated by glowing dots, and there were links to major events that showed spikes in synchronization on the dates of events like the terror attacks of September 11, the earthquake near Fukushima in Japan, and the election of Donald Trump.

“Whenever the world’s attention is captured by an event, these numbers synch up, indicating that a network of consciousness is affecting the flow of reality. Sadly, in this world, it’s usually a tragic event. And this is not accidental. And as the world has become more connected, the effect is growing stronger. Just a hundred years ago, this wouldn’t have been possible as news traveled much slower, but now the whole world is watching in real time.”

Bethany set the laptop down and looked back to Adriel. “So what does this mean? People are making these events happen?”

“Well, yes, but not exactly. People are making the events happen in the physical sense. People flew planes into the Twin Towers, for example. But earthquakes, disease, wildfires… natural disasters that are not human-made events, not directly, anyway, they also synchronize the collective consciousness. It’s more of a give-and-take. The thing is, the mainstream media decides what to focus on, and they decide how to spin each event. And who owns the media?”

Bethany shrugged. “Billionaires, I guess.”

“Precisely. A small group of people controls the news that the majority of the world sees, and they even have a strong influence on how a majority of people feel about it. Have you noticed that the media has become more controlled, more focused, and that there are fewer and fewer dissenting voices or alternate perspectives?”

“Alternative news is fake news!” Bethany joked, but she could see that Adriel did not see the humor.

“More and more, that’s what people are seeing,” he said. “Bethany, there are people in this world, a small group comparatively speaking, who have made it a priority to control the media so that they can influence the collective consciousness, creating a massive network of energy that can influence the frequency of this reality. They can, in essence, tune this world to any frequency – any broadcast – that they prefer. The physics behind it is well understood where I’m from, and among many other advanced worlds and civilizations, and those that are in control in this world are learning how to use it, and believe me, they do not have your best interests at heart.”

“So like you were saying last night…”

“This morning,” he corrected her. Shit, he was right. What was it, she wondered, like, 10:00 p.m.? Her time was all out of whack now, but she didn’t care. She was well-rested, wearing clean underwear, and interested in what Adriel seemed so anxious to explain.

“Right, like you said this morning, these frequencies that make up this reality, they can be tuned to the lower frequency – the Hell frequency?”

“Exactly,” he said. “And when I said you were helping, I just meant all of the bad feelings you’ve been having lately, all of that negative energy, is what they want from people. It’s how they intend to bring about Hell on Earth, for lack of a better phrase. Their real intent is total ownership of this world, including every living being that inhabits it. This has always been the plan, and this is what the ancient Illuminated Entities, the Teachers like Yeshua and Buddha and Melchizedek all were warning you about…”

“Mel who?”

“… that your world is in danger of losing its potential and falling into permanent darkness. Yeshua explained it when he said that the Kingdom of Heaven is neither above nor below, but in your very midst.”

“Yeshua?” Bethany smirked. “You mean Jesus?”

“Yes, but that was never his name, that was a mistranslation from the Greek… but yes. He was referring to the frequencies, the reality of the multiverse. All of these frequencies are all around us, in our midst, just like radio waves and WiFi. It just depends on which frequency you are tuning in. Heaven is the higher realm, the higher frequencies, where lifespans can go on forever, disease and poverty and war are non-existent. It’s really quite a pleasant state of existence.”

“And you’ve been there?”

“Well, no, but I have studied it, and I have met entities that inhabit it.”

“Really? You mean, like, angels?”

“Well, yes, I suppose that’s the term…”


“I know, right? But that is so far from you and your world now. These darker entities that have reached into your world, given you technologies you were not ready to have, they are now using it and their influence here to lower your frequency with negativity. Look at your world today. Technologically, you have the ability to make this a new paradise. You have sophisticated machines to do your labor, telecommunications to share your ideas, but how much better has your world actually become?”

“Not at all!” Bethany said, sitting up quickly. “It sucks!”

“Yes, and that’s because that’s the signal they are broadcasting to you on all of your new gewgaws. All of this miraculous technology, and it is focused on bringing more sorrow and division and strife to your world.”

“Sons of bitches!”

Adriel paused, taken slightly aback. “Why do you all hold bitches in such low regard, by the way? I love dogs!”

Bethany thought about this seemingly random interjection. “Hey, yeah!” she said. “Seriously! I love dogs, too! And female dogs? Come on!”

“You see how even the language is used against you here. This is the definition of Orwellian.”

Orwellian. Bethany knew the name, and it occurred to her to wonder, for a moment, how Adriel, a guy who claimed to be from another dimension, knew the name. She looked over at the book he had been reading earlier, expecting it to be George Orwell’s 1984, but it was a book about dinosaurs. Tracks of the Troodon. Hadn’t he said something about troodons earlier…? Her mind drifted. Adriel was watching her, but she no longer noticed him.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg, Bethany.” His voice broke her train of thought. What had she been thinking about? How long had she been standing there? Focus. The kidnapping. Well, that was a strong word, but really, why was she here?

“Why me?” she asked, snapping back into the conversation at hand. “Why did you specifically want to bring me into this?”

He sat down on the sofa next to her, but she didn’t move away. “Because,” he said, “We could lock in on your frequency. Whatever emotions you have been feeling, for some reason, your energy – your broadcast – was louder than the others when I came over. I headed straight for that signal, your signal. When I came over, I used you as a beacon. I could see you more clearly than anything else in this part of the world. And when I finally contacted you, it was because you set out such a burst of energy, such strong emotion…”

“Well, yeah, I was getting raped!”

“Precisely! Of course, I had to step in and assist you. But that energy! After I assisted you, and possibly prevented you from killing one or both of your assailants, I could have just walked away, but I told you how to contact me, and when you did, I had the clearance to bring you in. We need someone from this wavelength, someone originating from this reality. It will help us to help you to try and turn this plummeting frequency around.”

Bethany sat for a moment, processing all of this.

“But why is my energy so much louder than everyone else’s?”

“Just at this time, and just in this gathering,” Adriel explained. “Just in this city.”

“In Pittsburgh?”

“Yes,” he said, taking the book he had been reading, “My gathering is on the same geomagnetic location, positioned between two powerful ley lines directing two strong electromagnetic frequencies down from the northern cap. In my reality, civilizations have always sought out these energy vortices as they increase productivity, energy, longevity… good vibes, I guess you’d say.” As he spoke, he moved across the room to a small bookcase and slid the book in between a row of similar books. Bethany’s eyes were drawn to the binding. She looked for that strange word he had asked her about, troodons, but she didn’t see it. The title of the book was actually 1984 by George Orwell. Of course it was, she thought. She remembered seeing it earlier.

Adriel continued, “The advanced civilization that created yours knew the same, and they built monuments to harness this energy all over your world, from the pyramid at Giza to the temple at Baalbek to Göbekli Tepe… In our world, these energy flows are extraordinarily strong. So strong that even here, on your level, they are represented as water, the two rivers that join here.”

“The Mon and the Allegheny?”

“Yes. These energies are a strong connection between our worlds. We sent contacts over before, but we crashed in a forest south of here and your military spirited it away and we lost contact…”

“Oh my God! That was the Kecksburg UFO crash?” she asked. “My father told me about that when I was a kid!”

Adriel shrugged. “I guess so… would have been back in the 1960s here?”

“Oh my God, I’ve always wondered about that!”

“Well, there ya go!” he said. Bethany stared at Adriel, now convinced he was on to something. He may just be a nut who believed he was from another dimension – what had he called it? A gathering? – but he sure seemed to make some sense with this stuff. The technology, the frequencies, the ancient temples, the Kecksburg crash. She was intrigued, and she had a good feeling about her new friend.

And he had let her sleep in a bed, bought her new clothes, and let her take a shower, so… win-win.

“So what is all of this for?” she asked. “I mean, what is it you’re here to do?”

“I am here,” Adriel said, “To try to end your civilization as you know it.”

She froze. That didn’t sound good at all. He saw the look on her face and backpedaled.

“No, it’s not an end, really” he said. “It’s just a change of course.”

That was better.

“But your civilization does need to end.”

Back to that.

“You’re not helping yourself,” she said.

“I’m sorry,” he waved his hands as if to physically clear the air. “I get flustered. It’s just… there’s so much I want to tell you, but if I tell you everything all at once, it comes out… wrong.”

“Well, then just tell me one thing at a time.”

He nodded. “Yes, alright. What I mean when I say your civilization must end is that it needs to change.”

“Well, I agree with that,” she said. Progress.

“Nothing truly ends,” he said, “it just changes. Do you think, when a caterpillar begins building its chrysalis, it is aware of what it will become, or do you think it is just an instinct that tells it that now it must go into the dark, not knowing if it will continue to exist, or if its existence will end?”

Bethany considered this. “You mean, does it think it is changing or dying?”


She shrugged. “I never really thought about it.”

“Do you ever think about when you will die?”

The question seemed to come out of left field. But she nodded. “I have, I mean…” she said. “I don’t like to think about it, and I’m still young, but lately… yeah, I have thought about it.”

She was not about to tell him that she had found herself thinking about suicide. She had a plan for it. She would buy a gun, get a car, and drive out to the desert in the four corners region. She would walk out into the wasteland as far as she could, find a nice little hole or crevasse, tuck her body into it, and put a bullet through her head. She didn’t want anyone to find her or identify her, she just wanted to disappear. And she knew that there were hundreds of miles out there, and people could just disappear. People did that all the time. The details needed a little work. She would need money to buy a gun and get a car, or a bus ticket. Guns were expensive. She had priced them in the sporting goods section of a WalMart when this idea had first occurred to her. She had found herself wishing she had bought a gun when she still had some money left. She figured her knife would do in a pinch…

Adriel was looking at her, that sad expression had returned to his face. Talk she thought. Break this.

“I guess everyone has trouble thinking about it. Sometimes, it can seem like a relief, and then it seems so terrifying that we can’t think about it.”

Adriel gave her a slight smile, but his eyes still registered sadness. He nodded. “It’s the unknown. The scariest thing there is. But that’s what the caterpillar is facing, you see. Does it die in that chrysalis, and some new entity takes over? Or does the consciousness remain, just the form changes, giving the same entity new abilities, new freedoms, a new dimension of perspective?”

Bethany saw his point. “So when we die, does our consciousness survive?”

“This is what the vast majority of people on this frequency have been anguishing over since they first became self-aware. Sure, they tout their various beliefs and superstitions, but lying in bed alone at night, especially as they feel the sword of age cutting into them… It’s terrifying, nonetheless.”

“So…” she shrugged. “Best we can do is just do the best we can with the time we have.”

Now Adriel was shaking his head. “Bethany,” he said. “Your consciousness survives the death of your body.”

She waited for him to continue – he looked like he had more to say – but he just sat there, giving her that soft, comforting look he had given her as she sat on a park bench hours before wiping blood from her mouth. So she pushed him.

“And you know this as fact?”

He nodded. “I do,” he said. “I’ve been there.”

“You’ve died?”

“I have, yes. Several times now that I can recall.”

She waited for more, but now that she was rested, he was taking it slow. One thing at a time, as she had said.

“You remember dying?” she asked.

“I recall five specific deaths, but I am led to believe that there have been many, many more.”

“So what happens to you? Did you go to the Heaven frequency?”

He shook his head. “As I told you, I’ve never been there. I reincarnate on these lower frequencies. You can do the same thing. It just takes integrity.”

“Integrity?” she asked. “Like, what? Being a good person?”

He smiled. “That helps, of course, but the kind of integrity I am referring to is the state of being whole, undivided… intact as a consciousness.He laced his fingers together and held them up. He looked at her. She looked at his fingers, then at his face. He smiled, sighed, and sat back. “This is going to take another tiring lecture,” he said, “But I think now you are well-rested?”

“And refreshed!” she said, bouncing a little on the sofa cushion to show she was ready for anything.

“Alright,” Adriel said. “Here we go.”

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