My Problem With The Confederacy 2.0

Yee-ha, Hee-Haw, Rebel Yell and Dukes of Hazzard, y’all! Let’s talk about HERITAGE! Let’s talk about flags! Let’s talk about history! Let’s talk about the Confederacy!

I have heard all of the arguments about why the far-right NASCAR militia types are getting all bent out of shape over the perceived persecution of their culture. All of these arguments have been at least covertly racist, some of them overtly, blatantly so. The argument that came closest to getting me to understand why people choose to feel such devotion to the flag of a failed, defeated, non-existent nation when they were born and raised as Americans, the very country that put that other failure to bed, was this one:

The Confederate Flag is not about racism. It is not about White Power. It is simply a symbol of rebellion, something this country [meaning the United States, allegedly] was built upon, and which we must never forget stands as the alternative to whatever bullshit chicanery they are getting up to in Washington. We all know they’re up to something, and whatever it is, it isn’t good for US. So we need a symbol of rebellion to rally behind.

And that’s all well and good, I suppose — a symbol that reminds people that we are free to stand up and overthrow a corrupt government if we feel that government to be corrupt. And I think we all do at this point, don’t we? Republican, Democrat, or waffly Independent, the one thing we can all agree on is that the government is at best a fucked up treacherous mess, at worst a corporate oligarchy bent on world domination, regardless of which side of the aisle we blame. It’s all the same institution, anyway. Biden, Trump — two assholes, same shit-pile.

There is a sinister element behind it all, no doubt. That is also something upon which we can all agree. And their greatest tactic over the years has been that of the classic “Divide & Conquer” ploy — keep us fighting among ourselves so that we never organize and turn on the real enemy.

So why hang onto a flag that is so divisive? Why choose as your rallying point a symbol that so many people associate with pain, fear, hatred, ugliness, and outright idiocy? What’s more, why choose the flag of a group that rose up against your country, the U.S.A.? Or do you still consider yourselves to be part of a Confederacy, and not really Americans? Why do you choose a symbol that plays right into their hands, dividing a people meant to be united?

Wouldn’t it be better to create a new flag, one that invites the people united to gather? You know, there’s strength in numbers. That’s why that eagle on the Great Seal is clutching a bunch of arrows.

United regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, choice of pet, haircut, or style of dress, because that’s the only way we’ll ever win. They can only be stopped if we all stand up together, and say, “Lookie here, we don’t know what’s going on, but we damn sure know something‘s going on, and you’d better knock it off or we’ll burn all your shit down.”

Watch how fast the wealthy who were too rich to have any interest in joining us under the new flag suddenly start toeing the line. Especially if we get the working-class soldiers and police to actually back us instead of the corporate masters, then we’ll see some change. And if the elites still don’t see the writing on the wall, we’ll bring out the guillotines. That usually shuts their kind up pretty damned quick. We could get term limits, debt forgiveness, medical care, a better education system, renewed infrastructure, jobs — we could fix it. The trick is, we have to do it together. We gotta line up all the pins in the lock, get all of our ducks in a row, get organized. Because the enemy sure as shit is, and has been for some time.

And when we do all come together, we’d better wear masks.

(The featured image is the flag of Novorossiya, which is as close as I’m gonna get.)

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