About pookabazooka

I am an ape living abroad, writing to stay focused and to remember the things I think about. I post them here in case you'd like to spend a bit of time thinking about them, too.

An Open Letter to Mitch McConnell

On this blog, I like to poke fun at Mr. Mitch McConnell, Republican representative from the bizarro state of Kentucky. Tonight, however, I want to write a letter to Mr. McConnell to let him know that his life is no joke. It’s not funny. And when his body dies, he will learn just how horrible his life has been.

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The Spaces Between: Another Excerpt

Another excerpt from The Spaces Between, an opus like no other… because I haven’t written any others. Don’t think of it as a literary work, think of it more as a hobby of mine that I am inflicting upon you. When we last left Ted, he was at the infamous Nellis Air Force Base, AKA “Area 51.” And… he’s still there, but getting more involved.

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Hit By a Train of Thought (or Why I Can’t Sleep At Night)

I often can’t sleep because of things like this. Thoughts run through my head, or I get a song stuck in there. Not even a whole song, just one fragmented lyric that just runs on a loop. Sometimes, I can’t stop thinking about conversations I had years ago. This is one of those times.

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