Back at it


It has been a long time (nearly 3 years) since my last post. This is just an update to verify that

  1. this blog is once again active
  2. nothing is real
  3. you are not special

That is all at this time. Watch this space for more absurd content in the near future.

A Quick One: Why I Respect Atheism, but Do Not Want to Be an Atheist

I have heard the atheist arguments, railing against a belief in God or souls or life-after-death. Still, I will choose to believe that there is something more, that our consciousness does carry on after the body dies. I believe it opens up whole new worlds and new realities, as we are no longer subject to the limted senses of the corporeal form. We see colors beyond the ultra-violet and the infrared, we see other quantum frequencies, and we even encounter intelligences that exist beyond this three-dimensional universe. Perhaps we are higher consciousnesses that have lost ourselves in this elaborate game, moving these bodies around like pieces on a game board.

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The Life and Times of a Horrible Human Being part I: My early years

I am, and have been, a horrible human being. Although I am capable of recognizing the correct decisions to make, the fear of actually making them causes me to make wrong decisions. A wiser human than I once said that there are only two real human emotions: Love and fear. And although I am a loving creature, it is the fear that dominates my life.

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An Open Invitation to the MiB

I have been trying unsuccessfully for the past few weeks to get a first-hand peek at some supposed real-life Boogums from Another World, the legendary Men in Black (henceforth referred to as the MiB). The MiB, according to all accounts, usually travel in groups of three, although there are a growing number of reports of only two turning up, as seen in this video:

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